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Starting from its very personal universe, the Vivir Descalzo group creates unique spaces with the aim of enjoying leisure and restaurants in pleasant and relaxed environments, without losing sight of the quality of the product. But above all, it creates spaces for those who are always looking for that je ne sais quoi that makes them places with soul, special and different.

Entering the universe of the Vivir Descalzo leisure and restaurant group means doing so in spaces where the visitor feels part of it, where one feels the freedom of being oneself and being able to show oneself to the world as one is. In this universe the known is anonymous and the unknown becomes the celebrity of the moment. Friendships become eternal for a few hours. The Vivir Descalzo leisure and restaurant group is characterized by the creation of unique and personal spaces in which each visitor feels they are the protagonist of their own history.

The group partners co-founded in 2012 (and successfully sold in June 2021) the BESO BEACH brand, cataloged at the time as «the best beach bar in Spain». After the sale of their shares, they grouped the rest of the brands under the umbrella of Vivir Descalzo. Currently, the leisure and restaurant group has a dozen operating business units, a very specific expansion plan and more than 300 employees.

The Vivir Descalzo group manages logos i) of proven success such as «ROTO», with two operational establishments located on the island of Ibiza and in the Formigal-Panticosa ski resort and which has made the leap to fashion, with its own collections clothing for men and women; ii) with a long history and recognized prestige such as “BORA BORA”, which has just celebrated its 15th anniversary and is undergoing a profound transformation; iii) aimed at the luxury segment such as «FILIN» or «MECHERO», the former located in one of the exclusive five-star marinas in the Mediterranean and the latter being the pop-up sensation of the season, to the point that the group is studying how and where to replicate the concept; iv) fun and carefree like “HORNIE PIZZA”, with two establishments on the island of Ibiza and where the Italian party you want to be a part of is celebrated every day; v) and functional as «SISSI’S» or «BARCO IBIZA», to provide direct, efficient and fair service to its customers. Badges with soul impregnated with the heart, the constant work and the humility with which they have been created.

The secret of the Vivir Descalzo group projects is based on the mix of ingredients. A combination of essential elements that all have exceptional human teams as their cornerstone, in which each employee becomes a fundamental part of the team and feels like an essential part of the project. And starting from the human teams, a restoration based on top-quality raw materials where local products are especially relevant and environments with a casual atmosphere and with a touch of rogue always accompanied by music, with its own style.

Because Living Barefoot deals with highly recognized and profitable projects consolidated as love-brands.


A visit to Ibiza necessarily goes through ROTO, the company’s flagship and the place to be on possibly the most touristic island in the world. Quality restoration with an excellent local product as a base, a privileged location on a breakwater with a view of the old walled city of Dalt Vila, a casual and fun atmosphere (“essence”, they call it) accompanied by music of today and always, played on vinyl, as a form of expression.

With waiting lists and full reservations months in advance, ROTO is the place to see and be seen, where friends meet no matter where they come from, and where the atmosphere is intoxicatingly unique.

#Nautical #Restaurant with views #Fun atmosphere
Marina Ibiza, jetty A. Paseo de Juan Carlos I, 20. 07800 Ibiza


Because on a trip to the snow, not everything is skiing, ROTO FORMIGAL is located in front of the slopes of the largest ski area in Spain, in the heart of Formigal, on the Lanuza reservoir and with privileged views of the Alto-Aragonese Pyrenees. The après-ski place to be is part of the Snö Hotel Formigal, of the Liberty Hotels group, and is equipped with a House Bar, an indoor restaurant and a heated outdoor terrace.

With a casual atmosphere and a kitchen where local flavors based on local products prevail, ROTO FORMIGAL is the place to see and be seen after an intense day of experiences in the snow.

#Snow #Formigal #Casual atmosphere
Snö Hotel Formigal. Pl. Corona de Aragón s/n. 22640 Formigal (Huesca)


Located in the heart of the luxury of Marina Ibiza, the most luxurious marina in the Mediterranean and one of the few rated with five stars, it is the «must» for owners, skippers and guests of large yachts who want to live the experience of the «after boat». With a cozy, vintage and inspiring look & feel, their breakfasts are healthy, tasty and sustainable.

At dinner time Filin has managed to unite the best of two gastronomic worlds: the Japanese and the Mediterranean, with a wide variety of cuts that delight sushi lovers. Exquisite treatment of the product.

In its bar, liquors, juices, signature cocktails and champagne are combined. Bartenders carve ice, release the scent of mint to garnish a glass, and serve unique cocktails to the mesmerizing spectacle of mega-yachts docking just a few meters away. A space that has become the protagonist of innumerable stories to tell day and night and, also, inside the boats thanks to its “boat-delivery” service.

#Náuticos #Healthy kitchen fusion #After-boat champagne and cocktails
Fashion Square, Marina Ibiza. Paseo de Juan Carlos I, 20. 07800 Ibiza


Legendary as they come, Bora Bora was born in 1982 as the first beach club in Ibiza. Located on the best beach on the island, in it you can enjoy a restoration with care of the raw material in its restaurant or in the Balinese beds scattered along the beach, while letting yourself be captivated by the music of the world’s leading DJs. in a perfect and non-stop balance of restaurants, sea and sand, beach bar and nightclub. Because enjoying with bare feet on the sand of the beach to the sound of music is a must that has been repeated in this magical location for the last 40 years.

Four generations have danced, laughed and added magical and unrepeatable moments to the album of their life at Bora Bora Beach Club. Because, always, what happened in Ibiza stayed in Bora Bora. And it is that visiting it is knowing that you are already part of the legend of Ibiza.

#Beach #Beach Club #Casual atmosphere
Carrer del Fumarell, 1. 07817 Playa d’en Bossa (Ibiza)


Right on the beach and with hammocks and Balinese beds, quality products specializing in paellas and grilled meats and fish with an authentic and pure flavour. Raw material without additives, just as it should be. Accompanied by DJ music to relax throughout the day, eat, have afternoons, dine and continue having drinks with us. Because in Mechero, the place where everyone fits, the day starts early but ends at dawn thanks to its double license for beach restaurant and nightclub.
A beach club full of magic where life is lived, barefoot, in a carefree and exclusive atmosphere.

#Beach #Beach Club #Mediterranean
Carrer del Fumarell, 2. 07817 Playa d’en Bossa (Ibiza)


The Italian party you want to be a part of. Because this is not a typical Italian pizzeria, which too, but the place to have fun with characters, shows, color, music and an intoxicating atmosphere. And, yes, without forgetting the pizza, which is unique and directed by Italian pizza masters with more than 20 years of experience and many millions of pizzas served behind their backs. Pizzas on the plate, pizzetas, shots, cocktails, giant-sized bottles… make your visit a real party.

With two locations on the island of Ibiza, Hornie leaves no one indifferent. Eat well. Eat at a fair price. And enjoy not only the food but everything that surrounds it and feel that the protagonist is absolutely you.

#Italian #Urban #Show
In the port of Vila: Calle Cipriano Garijo 1 and 2. 07800 Ibiza
In Playa d’en Bossa: Calle de Playa d’en Bossa, 18. 07817 Playa d’en Bossa (Ibiza)


Complex of ninety-six completely renovated beachfront apartments in the center of the best and funniest beach in Ibiza, Playa d’en Bossa, which brings together the best clubs and discos on the island in just a few meters. A paradise for beach lovers and also for clubbers.

Rest on the beach under the sun while enjoying a cocktail and good music, get up from your sun lounger to have something delicious in our restaurant while the party in the sand takes on color until midnight, when the party continues in the interior of the nightclub, are just some of the life plans offered by this unique enclave.

#Hotel apartments #Beach #Party
Calle de Playa d’en Bossa, 18. 07817 Playa d’en Bossa (Ibiza)


Chosen as one of the best hundred music clubs in the world, the Bora Bora Nightclub brings together the best DJs every summer with our usual offer of «free access»: we only ask that you bring from home the best desire to enjoy as if today were the last day. Be part of the legend of living the immersive experience of Bora Bora’s glass dome nightclub.

In Bora Bora everyone lives and dances together: intellectuals, workers, businessmen, aristocrats, hustlers, celebrities and the people in general merged into a universal spirit. Everyone comes to Ibiza to be someone else, to feel something different, to lose their inhibitions. A therapy that guarantees finding oneself, not worrying and disconnecting from reality.

#Disco #Rogue night #Party
Carrer del Fumarell, 1. 07817 Playa d’en Bossa (Ibiza)


Miguel Sancho

Founding Partner

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Founding Partner

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